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Appliance Maintenance service

Wise Appliance Maintenance Service for Domestic Dishwashers and Washing machines

Running business nowadays it may be very busy and stressful. Does your business have domestic dishwashers or washing machines? We provide professional preventative maintenance and performance assessment.

Our technician will conduct the visit according to the latest service protocols and recommended my manufacturers. You will receive valuable tip and tricks for operating and maintaining domestic appliances.

Dishwashers’ maintenance include:

  • Primary filters, sump cleaning-removing and checking none return valve or lid if it applicable. 
  • Bottom and middle spray arms removing and cleaning,
  • Overall inspection for drawers, rail system check,
  • Inspecting and cleaning inner and outer door seals,
  • Adjusting door fall if required,
  • Error code check on dishwashers. 
  • Professional advice for maintenance tips and tricks which help your appliance to last. 

Washing machines maintenance include: 

  • Checking and cleaning drain filter,
  • Inspecting spigot, 
  • Checking shock absorbers or shock rods,
  • Door gasket inspection,
  • Inner drum inspection,
  • Level washing machine, if necessary,
  • Error code check on washing machines, 
  • Professional advice for maintenance tip and trick which help you washing machine to last,
  • Book your service maintenance service now!