Simpson Appliance Repairs in Adelaide

Simpson has manufactured simple yet reliable appliances as part of the Electrolux family for more than a century. Simpson appliances are not only easy to use, but also include eco-friendly and innovative technologies that are perfect for the average home in Australia.

With Simpson’s laundry appliances ranging from small washing machines to ten kilogram top loaders, there is certainly something for everyone. We have an experienced and knowledgeable technician for Simpson appliance repair in Adelaide. They have access to all the technical information and resources needed to handle your Simpson appliance repair effectively and professionally.


Simpson appliance repairs can also be performed by our insured, trusted personnel technicians. Simpson appliances are popular all over Australia. Simpson appliance repair technicians are committed to providing high-quality white goods to Australian households. In reality, they can malfunction and require maintenance or repairs, just like most household items. Repairing Simpson Washing Machines and Dryers is often cheaper than buying new.  


Washing machine won’t drain

One of the most common problems we see is a washing machine that won’t drain. There are several possible causes:  Clogged drain hose or pump is caused by a piece of clothing, residual gunk, or other obstructions. There is a problem with the washer and it does not engage the drain/spin cycle properly. The washer may display an error code. If the drain pump fails, the washer may display an error code. It is recommended that our experienced technician replaces the drain pump or performs a master reset the washing machine.

There is a problem unlocking the washer door

Front loaders suffer from this problem most frequently, as top loaders can keep water out without locking their doors. Front loaders must be tightly sealed when in operation. Automatic unlocking of the machine does not occur until it has completed the wash cycle. In some instances, front loaders can malfunction and remain locked, resulting in clothes and water being trapped inside. You should contact us if you experience this issue and we will arrange a professional repairer to come and review your machine thoroughly.

Simpson Appliance Repairs in Adelaide

There is a power tripping problem with the washer

There are a lot of potential causes for this problem. Perhaps something is wrong with the motor. It may be that there is a leak and that power is reaching the water. Possibly, the motor overheats when the machine becomes overloaded. The problem can be avoided by simply not overloading the machine. But if you have too many clothes that the machine cannot handle, you may want to consider getting a larger model. As a preventative measure, we recommend you contact us if the problem persists, and our experienced repairers will inspect the machine thoroughly.


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It is easy to find information on simple matters these days, but if you are experiencing a problem with an appliance or electronic, you should always consult an appliance technician. In the end, solving one problem only leads to another one that is much bigger.

For the majority of problems we usually encounter, original spare parts are likely to be required. So that they can avoid dealing with broken appliances and minimize downtime and inconvenience, your appliance repair technicians must have access to original spare parts. The Simpson appliance repair service at Wise Appliance offers diagnostics and repairs with original replacement parts and access to them.

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Why choose us?

With Wise Appliance Service, we offer you affordable and genuine spare parts to repair your Simpson appliances in Adelaide. Our service area includes the ACC, Eastern, Inner Northern, Western, Inner Southern, and South Western regions. Additionally, our experts are always available if you have any appliance issues, so if you need help, you can rely on us.