Oven problems and when you need to repair them

One of the most useful devices in your house is the oven in your kitchen. It performs a lot more tasks than you think it does. Cooking with it allows you to cook delicious food and experiment with various cooking methods like grilling, toasting, and baking. It can, however, start displaying symptoms of malfunction if you are not careful with its functioning or have not serviced or maintained it for many years. You may need to resolve these problems before using the device to its full ability.

The contemporary home is brimming with various cooking appliances, and while the possibilities are virtually endless, practically every home includes an oven. Ovens give the baking and broiling power necessary for various delectable meals and sweets, but if your oven is not operating properly, it will be unable to fulfil cooking duties. There are numerous basic oven repair issues that you may encounter.

Common Oven problems and how to fix that problems

The Oven is not heating

Your oven’s primary work is to heat up for cooking, and an oven that does not heat up properly is malfunctioning. This may appear to be a significant issue, yet it could result from several minor causes. If your gas oven is not heating, it may have a malfunctioning igniter. 

Solution – By testing one of the cooktop burners on a gas cooking range, you can determine if there is a problem with the igniter. Many clicks should be heard before the gas ignites as you attempt to light the burner. If there are no clicks and your gas does not ignite, you should replace the igniter in your unit. Testing an igniter in a wall oven can be more difficult due to the igniter being positioned within the oven. This test typically necessitates the intervention of a skilled appliance repair technician. If you have an electric oven, visually check to see if the heating components are glowing red. They should be replaced if they are not glowing.

The Oven is not heating to the proper temperature

An oven that does not reach the proper temperature can result in longer cooking times and undercooked food. This issue is often caused by a defective temperature sensor, which may require minor maintenance or replacement. The temperature sensor is positioned within the oven to monitor its temperature and prevent the appliance from overheating. 

Solution – Inspect the sensor and ensure it is not in contact with the oven wall since this will impair its capacity to accurately record internal temperatures. If it is not touching the wall, you can check the sensor’s operation with an ohmmeter. Consult a competent oven technician if you are unclear how to proceed.

The oven does not evenly cook the food

Ovens are designed to produce consistent and level heat for baking, and an oven that does not consistently cook food can be quite frustrating. As is the case with many other common oven repair difficulties, this one is frequently related to heating elements or temperature sensor problems. 

Solution – To begin, preheat your oven and conduct a visual inspection to determine whether the heating components are lighted or glowing. Check to see if your temperature sensor is working properly. If you discover that the heating components or sensors are malfunctioning, they should be changed. If there are no obvious problems with the components of your oven, you may only need to modify the position of your oven racks or replace your cookware. Small modifications to your oven’s operation can transform unevenly cooked dishes into masterworks. If your modifications do not appear to be working and the oven components appear to be in good condition, you should contact a professional appliance repair service.

The Oven Light is not working

An oven light adds convenience by allowing you to check on meals without opening the oven and interfering with the cooking process. Therefore a broken oven light may be rather bothersome. 

Solution – Typically, all that is required to resolve this issue is to replace the light bulb in your oven. However, if the bulb is replaced and the oven continues to malfunction, the light switch, associated wiring, or electrical control system may malfunction. Without the necessary experience, these electrical problems can be difficult and dangerous to repair an oven, so it’s better to contact an appliance repairman for assistance.

The Oven Door will not close

You want an oven door that works properly. A non-closing oven door is a fairly typical repair issue, and fortunately, this one is fairly simple to resolve. 

Solution – A non-closing oven door can be repaired by replacing the door hinges. Inspect the hinges on your door to ensure they are operating correctly; if not, they should be replaced. Oven door issues can also be caused by the door springs or the gasket that lines the inside edge of the oven door on some models. While these components are also simple to replace, expert oven repair services will ensure the task is done correctly.

The Oven is not self-cleaning

Today’s ovens almost all include a self-cleaning technology, which saves you time for equipment maintenance and cleaning. Various factors might cause self-cleaning feature malfunctions in your oven. 

Solution – A common cause is a malfunction with the motor and switch assembly for the door lock. The door lock switch activates the door lock motor during a self-cleaning cycle, ensuring that your oven remains closed during the cycle. A malfunctioning door lock system prevents the oven from self-cleaning. You can inspect the oven door and motor yourself, but it is recommended that you leave this task to a professional. Self-cleaning troubles might also be caused by a faulty temperature sensor or an oven control board. Clock failure and wiring issues are frequent reasons for this problem. Due to the vast number of possible causes of self-cleaning problems, it is recommended that you get assistance from experienced appliance specialists. This issue can be extremely time-consuming and costly to repair, and if a guarantee does not cover your oven, it may be advisable to simply replace it.

Despite the fact that you can resolve these issues yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure an efficient repair of your oven, since it contains electronic components that may cause a shock.

What is the lifespan of an oven?

Most ovens and ranges can last 16 years if they are properly maintained. Although oven lifespans vary, you can reasonably expect it to last for more than a decade–even two decades if you choose the higher end.

What is the cost of repairing an oven?

The average charge for oven repairs is roughly $70 per hour in Australia. That includes concerns with ovens that are either minor or a little more complicated. When new parts are involved, this rate increases, as you would be responsible for the repair cost. This estimate only includes labour and a few supplies or specialised equipment required to repair your oven. Numerous other variables will also affect the anticipated cost of an oven repair. This includes the sort of oven you own, its age, and, of course, the issue. Your location inside Australia will also affect the cost, as rates in some country areas are lower. At the same time, others have greater oven repair costs. In general, oven repair costs in Australia range from $55 for routine repairs to $90 for more complicated repairs. Bear in mind that this price does not include replacement parts at this time.

What is the most cost-effective option: repairing or buying an oven? Is it worth repairing?

Whenever you consider whether to repair your oven or replace it, you must ask yourself this question. The average lifespan of an oven or range is 13-15 years. The oven can develop faults from time to time during its lifespan. If your main goal is to save money, fixing your oven is better. Only if the range is at the end of its lifecycle and if repairs are quite costly should one consider buying a new one. Using simple DIY methods, you can repair some of these faults yourself and save money. The problem can be difficult to fix on your own, so you should seek the help of an expert or professional.

Brands of ovens with most problems

Final Thoughts

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